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It seemed like every town we went through during our travels in England, there were street performers. Folk singers, guitar players, unicycle riders, opera singers, you name it. Foot traffic moved rather quickly so there wasn’t much time to just sit and listen, but there were really some talented people. One guy even had a sign that said something along the lines of “I don’t need money but if you like my music, feel free to donate.”

An opera singer at the Roman Baths

Juggling flamethrower unicyclist

A guitar player

Band of boys in the gazebo

Another guitar player

(I’m thinking I mighta had a new friend in this guy – I’m in the red coat ;-)

Our last night in London, some of the kids decided they wanted to take the tube over to the London Eye. The Eye was built in 1999 and for several years, was the tallest ferris wheel in the world. It sits on the bank of the River Thames and never stops rotating (it moves slow enough to allow people on and off the capsules). Due to the fact that it was once known as the tallest ferris wheel in the world was reason enough for me to by-pass this particular tourist attraction (read: fear of heights). Fortunately, my daughter has no fear and was able to document this part of our trip for me ;-)

This is the “Eye” from a distance (I took this picture from a good place – standing on the ground…..)

And here are the pictures Cait took…..check out the one that is looking down at the people on the ground (just looking at this picture makes me dizzy….)

(Thanks Cait for taking these great pictures and being so understanding when I begged off back to the hotel ;-)

Finally made it to London St. Patty’s Day…..took the “Tube” to Picadilly Circus and walked around until dinner in Soho and then a play “39 Steps” later in the evening. Sun came out a little late afternoon and believe it or not, it was the first time we’ve seen it since we left Oklahoma ;-/

Lots of “street” people out – guys painted gold or silver or in tin cans…….

London is definitely an interesting town……and in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day……..

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