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Left Edinburgh bright and early Tuesday morning to start heading south to London. Stopped in at Hadrian’s Wall on the way and visited the fort at Housestead. Thank God it was misty because if I had been able to see the walk we needed to take to the fort (half a mile, both directions uphill), I probably would have waited in the bus – seriously, it was awesome.

Apparently the Roman’s started building this wall in AD 122 (it stretches east to west from coast to coast) to protect themselves from their northern enemies. Pretty impressive, but if a 17 year old could scale it…….

Oh, did I mention that there are a lot of sheep farms in the English countryside?

Would love to come back some day and see this without the mist…….


We’re here! Left Saturday afternoon and finally made it into Glasglow late Sunday night. Lots of flight delays and sitting around airports but now it is all worth it.

Spent Day 1 (yesterday) in Edinburgh (Eddie Burrr) and saw Edinburgh Castle in the morning and then had free time all afternoon – Cait and shopped til we dropped! Lots of the typical tourist shops but some really neat buildings. Unfortunately it sprinkled the whole day but we still had a blast. Going to try and get pictures downloaded from Cait’s camera tomorrow – I accidentally reformatted my camera disk before saving to computer of my pictures yesterday ;-/

Day 2 (today) was about 6 hours in the bus as we head towards London. Stopped at Hadrian’s Wall (which was awesome – more on this tomorrow) and York. Beautiful countryside – no cows grazing but lots of sheep! Stone walls everywhere – typical postcard scenes!

Going to log off for now and get pictures uploaded from today – will post again tomorrow evening – hang in here with me while I get this all figured out – we’ve taken some great shots!

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