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Goodbye Blackie…you served our family well for almost 10 years. You endured pee, puke and poop from the human and canine varieties. After over 238,000 miles, you just weren’t “cool” enough for us anymore. We traded you in last week for a newer model…and although you didn’t bring much in on the trade, we hope you find a good home somewhere north where your lack of a working air conditioner compressor won’t be a huge factor.

You took us to weddings and funerals. Family vacations to the coast – camping trips to the lake. You endured near misses and not so near misses (and it is interesting that the two minor wrecks you were involved in happened in your own driveway).

You were the dependable one in snow storms – often the only vehicle that could make it down (and more importantly, back up) the hill to the house.

You taught and suffered through 3 kids learning to drive.

And you literally hauled everything from A to Z…..

Dining room table and 4 chairs
Easter bunny and euros
Fans of OU
Gassy children
Inattentive drivers
Junk (or see antiques above)
Lawn furniture and lizards
Nauseous puppies
Oddities (see antiques and junk above ;-)
Parakeets and puppies and plants
Quarreling children
Real estate signs
Sports equipment (baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, track,
soccer, football)
Toilets (new, of course)
Umpteen groceries
Wheel barrow
Xylophone (really)
Yapping dogs
Zoo bound kids

You will be missed………


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