Here is a way to test a friendship to determine whether it is really true….

First, ask a good friend over for dinner. For the purposes of this post, I am using the pronoun “she”.

Second, serve her a recipe that you’ve never tried before consisting of cube steak and flour. Said steak must be thick and tough.

Third, after she has managed to choke down dinner, see if she volunteers to do your dishes for you.

Fourth, while she is doing your dishes, pop in a frozen apple pie in the oven (after all, you need to be doing something too).

Fifth, after she has done your dishes and is resting on the sofa, have your puppy jump in her lap and give her kisses (after said puppy has had nose rubbed in an accident by another member of your household.)

Sixth, after she has unsuccessfully fought off the dog, have her sit through 2 hours of your vacation photos.

Seventh, after she nods off at about picture 862, wake her gently. At this point she’ll probably want to “head home” so be sure and send along a piece of your apple pie that you forgot to serve.

If this friend talks to you the next day, count her as one of your blessings ;-)

(Love ya K ;-)