What does one find to eat in the UK? Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you asked Caitlin), most of our meals were already planned for us…..breakfast at the hotels consisted of scrambled eggs, bangers (sausage looking things), broiled tomatoes and pork n beans (along with the usual cereal, bagels and fruit). Our evening meals were set up by our tour guide and we never knew what to expect. Well, except for peas – they were served with every meal.

This is a banger…..picture was taken by Caitlin before she shoved the plate away and wished for pizza. Not sure if it was the bangers that made her lose her appetite, or maybe it was the fish pie the night before or the promise of meat pies the next evening…..perhaps it was one of the following sights….

(Yes, those are whole cooked ducks – heads, beaks and all)

(Note the sign to the right…”Goat meat now on sale”…good thing because I just hate paying full price…)

Desserts were scrumptious though….

We did get a chance to try out different restaurants for lunch – we usually ate at Italian places (read: pizza for Cait).

Here are a few of the out-of-the-way quirky places we got to eat at……