Woke up to a very rainy morning and headed to Windsor Castle. One of the most intimidating fortresses we’ve seen so far. Wasn’t a good day for outdoor pictures (hated getting my camera wet) and they would not allow pictures inside at all – too bad because the interior of the castle was unbelievable. We did get to see the Royal Corgi’s going out for their morning walk but no sight of the Queen ;-) Here’s a picture of the changing of the guards at Windsor….

And Cait in front of the castle……

I guess if the Queen gets tired of Windsor Castle, she can always hang out at Buckingham Palace (because of the rain we did not see the changing of the guards there but you can see one of them in the little shack by the door ;-)

(as of this writing, it is 12:15 a.m. Sunday morning and we are leaving for the airport in 4 hours…..it’ll probably be another day or so or whenever I recover from jet lag before I post more pictures. This has absolutely been trip of a lifetime.)