We’re here! Left Saturday afternoon and finally made it into Glasglow late Sunday night. Lots of flight delays and sitting around airports but now it is all worth it.

Spent Day 1 (yesterday) in Edinburgh (Eddie Burrr) and saw Edinburgh Castle in the morning and then had free time all afternoon – Cait and shopped til we dropped! Lots of the typical tourist shops but some really neat buildings. Unfortunately it sprinkled the whole day but we still had a blast. Going to try and get pictures downloaded from Cait’s camera tomorrow – I accidentally reformatted my camera disk before saving to computer of my pictures yesterday ;-/

Day 2 (today) was about 6 hours in the bus as we head towards London. Stopped at Hadrian’s Wall (which was awesome – more on this tomorrow) and York. Beautiful countryside – no cows grazing but lots of sheep! Stone walls everywhere – typical postcard scenes!

Going to log off for now and get pictures uploaded from today – will post again tomorrow evening – hang in here with me while I get this all figured out – we’ve taken some great shots!