Coody’s Bluff – yes, it’s actually a place a little east of Nowata in Oklahoma, and no, I don’t live there – never have. My husband’s Scottish/Cherokee side of the family settled in the area back in the early 1800’s before the Trail of Tears. There have been many variations of the spelling of Coody – Coodey, Coode, but never Cootie ;-) Family genealogists have said that this line of Coody’s originated in Scotland as “Coody” and came to America before 1740. As with quite a few Scottish immigrants (tongue in cheek here), they married a fine Cherokee maiden and became a part of the great Cherokee Nation. I remember meeting my mom and sister for lunch after my soon-to-be husband and I had started dating. When I told them his last name was “Coody” my mom actually snickered and asked “what kind of name is that?”…..mind you, this was coming from a woman whose maiden name was Dreadfulwater (more on that in WIAN-Part 2). Anywho, that’s the name behind the post!

(and a HUGE thanks to Piper for showing me how to insert photos this evening ;-)